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Littlefield Core Activities

Our Core Activities



We aren’t looking for the newest startup or ideation on the block, although we will build ours, we are looking for average companies that we can inject direction and drive. There are thousands of companies with big goals who have pushed towards those goals and unfortunately hit “the stall.” We are finding those businesses that need a fresh set of eyes to scale their business to where they deserve to be. Duncan and the executive team will be assigned to roles in those partner companies that need our vision, culture, operations, and tactics. With true partnership as our northstar, we are impacting more than just one part of the business. As we will identify, test, and develop strategies built for today’s consumer/business landscape. The combination of internal and external alignment is critical to building profit-focused brands, as we have to focus on where we are going and who is going with us.

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We know that the market will tell us if a business is vital, whether or not we have a great product or service. We are developing companies built with core values, honest communication, and kindness, which we know will stand the test of time. As a core team, we will identify, address and lean into opportunities of scalability to develop the next iteration of that business.

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We believe in enrollment and buy-in compared to authoritative and top down. With that reason we will always curate a culture that allows the ability to be better, promote innovation and agility. Gen Z and Millenials will represent 75% of the workforce in 2025, and if we look at reverse engineer the problem at hand that “49% of millennials expect to leave and accept a new job offer within two years of accepting their current job” (Forbes), it requires a culture that leads with a clear vision, a clear strategy, and fosters the ability to develop, create, and learn new skill sets. We want to support well rounded, kind and amazing people to grow into the person and the career that they want, if that is editing video, owning a coffee shop or painting houses, they will always be supported by the larger family.


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Advertising and marketing are two different things. Advertising is about a transaction – about selling and buying a product. And it doesn’t work anymore. Marketing, on the other hand, is about the story that starts with the first connection to the brand and follows all the way through to the finished product and customer satisfaction survey. Marketing is the story thread that ties it all together, and if it lacks fidelity, the connection to the customer won’t last. 

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As we partner with companies or develop new ones, our responsibility is to pour sweat equity into that brand to support the long-term vision of the company. As we run the brand through our engine, create the necessary content to drive the brand, and subsequently help the organization’s culture, we will build an institution that can’t be overlooked. Awareness is currency, either for your customer or a VC firm.

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The external story only holds true if the internal experience backs it up. This means that business success hinges on the marriage between story marketing and operations/execution. It’s the core reason we at LITTLEFIELD focus on both Impact and Influence, we know when both are done well revenue and profits follow.

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Our values


We believe that a key to success is approaching each opportunity with a sense of excitement. No matter what the challenge, there is always a solution that can be found with a culture founded on optimism.

Be Your DNA

In a fast-paced world, authenticity is in dwindling supply, making it critical to the success of any endeavor. We believe that a successful culture must consist of individuals that are confident, uniquely skilled, and empathetic.

Show Up For Eachother

We care about each other. Whether it's celebrating success, supporting each other in the toughest of moments or anything in between, the most consistent part of our team is the fact that we’re always there for each other.

Bring Your Best

We believe in a culture that is relentless in its desire to improve and never backs away from any opportunity.

Our Advisory Team

Duncan Littlefield

CEO & Founder

Rich Tuckwell-Skuda

Non-Executive Director

Cory Warfield

Advisor: Business

Emily Mishler

Advisor: Impact

Zac Stern

Advisor: Investment